August 18-19, 2022


Department of Physics
National Cheng Kung University
理學教學新大樓物理系 1F 36169教室

Zenda Suites 成大會館

No. 2, Dasyue Rd., East District, Tainan 70146, Taiwan
Tel: +886-6-275-8999


The Workshop venue will take place in the Department of Physics, NCKU and it is near the intersection of Shiaodong Road and Shengli Road.


The Workshop accommodation will be arranged at Zenda Suites (成大會館). Limited rooms will be available for TIDC EIC Workshop attendees and please reserve it via workshop registration form. The accommodation fee will be supported by TIDC directly.

For the Time Table of the Train, please click.

  1. Take TRA Train to Tainan Station.
  2. NCKU is located on Ta-Shueh Road (大學路) about 100m from the rear entrance of Tainan Station.
  3. Exit through the rear station. Walk along the Da-Shueh Rd (大學路) and turn left to Shengli Road (勝利路) to the Physics Building.

For the Time Table of the HSR, please click.

  1. Take THSR to Tainan Station.
  2. Take Train From Shalun Station (沙崙站) to Tainan Station. (about 23 mins)
    Time Table of Shalun Line, please click.