"Innovation and High Impact Research in Taiwan"

  • Build novel detectors for major international experiments.
  • Innovation through industrial applications.
  • Provide training and education for Taiwan students and bring them into the HEP field or industry.
  • Provide shared computing services for detector simulations, real and simulated data processing, storage, and physics analysis. Support the operation of GRID computing centers in Taiwan and development of the related software tools.

Our Concept in Nutshell

Taiwan is a technology hub, unique in having High-Tech companies willing to collaborate with Academia in the design and production of novel detector parts and sophisticated equipment for R&D not initially intended for mass production. A clear benefit from such an Industry-Academia collaboration, is that Taiwanese companies can provide high-quality custom-design parts for state-of-the-art detectors.

Taiwan experimental HEP (TW-HEP) have already started exploiting these advantages and developing novel detectors and systems for leading-International experiments and real-life applications. Our current success through a seed Taiwan-wide collaboration of leading Institutes, has led us to merge forces in a Consortium and share laboratories, resources and personnel. We firmly believe that the High Impact Research in our stated mission can only be achieved through collaboration and sharing of resources.

The benefit to local companies is enormous, as significant foreign funds could be invested in Taiwan.

The benefit to our international reputation as TW-HEP is also unprecedented. We have already been invited to leading positions in world class projects like CMS, ATLAS, etc.

This is also beneficial for National reasons as the Taiwanese products and the local expertise are often internationally praised. Our goal is to build on this reputation and deliver novel instruments that are 100% made in Taiwan, and display superior performance.

Core Facilities

Academia Sinica

PI: Yuan Hann Chang
PI: Suen Hou

National Central University

PI: Chia-Ming Kuo

National Cheng Kung University

PI: Yi Yang

National Taiwan University

PI: Stathes Paganis
PI: ​Rong-Shyang Lu

ASGC and Universities

Computing Facilities